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Bell's Hometown Pharmacy opened for business Monday, December 13, 2010. The owner and pharmacist is Michael Bell.  Michael earned his Pharm.D from Samford University (Birmingham, Alabama) in 2001.  He has since worked for several national drug store chains, as well as independent local pharmacies.  After a decade in the pharmacy industry, Michael knew for certain that patient accessibility to the pharmacist, individual attention to patient needs, as well as strong professional relationships with local physicians were all critical to a positive patient outcome.  Hometown Pharmacy allows Michael to provide that level of service to the residents of his hometown, Bay Minette, Alabama.

For over 100 years, local drug stores have played a vital role in health care. Now, more than ever, with new remedies and health care options, the local pharmacist is a great source of credible informative guidance.  A knowledgeable pharmacist can help ensure a patient's medications are the most effective and that they are used in the most appropriate manner.  They can recommend an over-the-counter (OTC) products for pain relief, demonstrate the proper use of an inhaler, and help patients manage their diabetes. Patients can also talk to their pharmacist about how to take, store and dispose of medications, which foods or activities to avoid and what to do if a does is missed.  Perhaps what is most important though is to walk into a place where people know your name and pronounce it with a Southern drawl.  

You're always welcome at Bell's!